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Advantages of the Sox Air Ducts in Temporary Exhibition Venues

The sox air ducts have been widely used in temporary places, especially for some large exhibitions, which will build tents as temporary exhibition sites. The duration of such exhibition halls is generally about three days to a month, so the central air conditioner must be indispensable in the hot summer definitely. However, these tents are only built for temporal use, and the time is short. So, what kind of fabric ventilation system is more convenient and faster? Then only the socks air duct is relatively suitable.

The sox air duct has absolute advantages for this temporary venue:

1. The design of the textile ductwork is flexible, and different lengths of fabric air ducts can be connected according to different venues.

2. The air supply is uniform without any dead ends.

3. The ventilation duct installation is very convenient; two people can install 50-100 air pipes a day.

4. It is green and energy-saving and it can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the unit.

5. No condensate, and superior refrigeration effect.

6. Convenient transportation, reusable, and saving a lot of expenses.

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