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Panasonic Malaysia-DurkeeSox Fabric Air Dispersion System

A MATCH MADE IN MALAYSIA – Panasonic and DurkeeSox

Panasonic ventilation socks

Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (PAPAMY) - Panasonic's first air conditioner company in Malaysia was established in 1972 to make window-type air conditioner. The factory occupies a site of about 200,000 square metres, boasting large, equipped with ultra-modern facilities and advanced technology from Japan and sustained with outstanding capacity.  Today, with more than 40 years experience this self-conclusive manufacturing company with its own R&D Centres, producing room air conditioners, component parts, heat pumps and compressors for exporting to more than 120 countries in the world.

Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

To continually improve and to provide a better working environment for the employees is always the priority of PAPAMY. Thus these 15,500 square metres existing production area is chosen to be converted to an air-conditioned area to bring down the working ambient from highest 35oC to 27oC.

One of the most challenging parts of the project is that the whole production area is full with a lot of facilities (exhaust ducts, cable trays, pipes, etc.) above with complicated old structures, roof trusses and underneath with many conveyors, machines and occupied area. Therefore the designer has a lot of limitations to design the ducting route and to ensure the full coverage of air and the air dispersion performance simultaneously. Moreover, the 24/7 operations cannot be interrupted, meanwhile, there are many AGVs (Automatic Guided Carts) running around with intervals for materials feeding and handling to most of the production lines.

fabric ducting system

energy saving ductwork

With the merits of a set, DurkeeSox Fabric Air Dispersion System has become the only outstanding solution for PAPAMY. This light weight system which is only 1/20 of the total weight compared to the conventional type of solutions, and will not put on much burden to the existing old building structures; With the specially calculated and designed laser-cut orifices, full coverage air dispersion performance to the entire production area can be assured; The exclusive-owned patented micro-permeable fabric is chosen to eliminate condensation risk while bringing most effective and energy-efficient performance. The double row aluminium H-track suspension does play a role in offering the best flexibility for implementation and installation by not affecting the PAPAMY production activities.

Panasonic air sock duct

To convince and to win the acceptance from the design company and PAPAMY, DurkeeSox has also conducted a simulation and test in their lab, which is the largest airflow system simulation lab of the industry. With the most advanced CFD simulation software worldwide the actual working condition of PAPAMY can be simulated in order to show the air dispersion performance to the client with convincing result.

After the completion of this project by fulfilling the expectations of PAPAMY, we believe that we will be able to bring DurkeeSox off to a new level to win more unanimous recognitions from the multinational organizations with more different applications and industries.

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