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Yingdong Stadium Ventilation

The stadium was designated as the Asia Games'basketball competition stadium, the hardware and software facilities of the stadium run thorough transformation to comply with the high-grade requirements of stadium standard set by GAGOC. The designed HVAC ductwork system was traditional GI ducts, but the solution encountered some difficulties.

The stadium inner space is 22m and is an all-steel construction structure. If it used traditional air conditioning duct, hundreds of tons crossed metal duct not only affect overall aesthetics but also add load-carrying to the roof, and take the ball nozzle outlets into account, it will greatly increase the total construction cost. The project leader finally decided to select DurkeeSox® fabric duct to replace traditional GI ductwork.

DurkeeSox® Technic Center referred to the actual situation and designed 3 main fabric air ducts (16m in length) which perpendicular to the ground and each main duct connects to 2 branch ducts(1067 mm in diameter), the 6 branch ducts form a closed-type hexagon. The DurkeeSox® fabric ducts with multi-line leaser cutting orifices separately supply air to the spectator stand, media stand, and basketball court, the ducts covered a larger area with lower airflow velocity, no noise and even & comfortable airflow, also the aesthetic appearance of ducts is in harmony with the construction structure as well as save total construction cost (lightweight fabric duct will significantly decrease load-bearing to roof).

Meanwhile, the suspension system of DurkeeSox® air dispersion system is a cable quick suspension system, it is convenience to installation as well as maintenance processes, and these are directly lower HVAC ductwork system cost. Besides, selected grey fabric ducts to well match the surrounding decoration and highlight the aesthetic factor of our fabric duct systems.

DurkeeSox® fabric air dispersion system solution met all requirements of the stadium ventilation and the airflow effect is good, our system passes the acceptance once after installation.

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