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The ARBS Exhibition- Australia services exhibition.jpg

On 8th May 2018, The ARBS Exhibition- Australia HVAC/R and building services exhibition officially opened at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney.  As the global leading A/C duct and insulation solution provider, Durkee took part in this Australia’s only international HVAC/R and building services exhibition. This year, nearly 350 exhibitors from 23 countries enrolled in the show and attracted 8000 professional visitors within the 3 days. Benefited from the leading product and technology, a large number of industry and case applications, superior stand position and impressive booth design, Durkee attracted large numbers of visitors and all visitors expressed their great interests about how the integrated solution of Durkee benefits their project.

Durkee duct factory displayed the following mainstream products in this exhibition:

1. Durkeesox: Nanosox-N (top grade series), Nanosox-L (economical series) and Fibersox (patented top fire proof series).

2. Durkflex: global leading high-safety elastomeric thermal insulation material.

3. Fiberflex : revolutionary diversified Elastomeric composite thermal insulation material.

Durkee displays.jpg

During the exhibition period, based on the growing influence of durkeesox brand in the world, the Australian distributor have expressed his confidence in the promotion of durkeesox textile ductwork in Australia market and hope to deepen the business cooperation with Durkee.  At same time,many designers and consultants from mechanical consulting companies are full of praise for Durkee products. In additional, due to massive successful cases and experiences accumulated in the commercial and supermarket industry, Australian large chain supermarket purchase representatives are very interested in Durkee products and express their strong willingness for cooperation.

With the successful conclusion of the exhibition, Durkee will also continue to develop the Australia market further and provide good products and services to every corner of this beautiful continent.

Finally, A quote from Winston Churchill to remind us "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

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