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Performance Characteristics of Sox Air Duct Fiber Fabric

The features of sox air duct fiber fabric:

1. The fiber fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability. Therefore, it is firm and durable, anti-wrinkle and non-iron.

2. It is very easy to be dry after washed. And after washed, its strength does not drop, it does not deform, its fire performance is unchanged, and it has good washing resistance.

3. Fiber is the most heat-resistant fabric in synthetic fabrics, and has thermoplasticity.

4. Fiber fabric has better light resistance, its light resistance is better than natural fiber fabric.

5. Fiber fabric has good resistance to various chemicals, and the degree of acid-base damage is not great. At the same time, the fiber fabric is not afraid of mold and insects.

The material quality guarantee of the fiber fabric is the basic guarantee for the quality of the Durkeesox textile duct system. In the temporary architectural design, the design of traditional metal air ducts cannot be easily disassembled during building demolition and reused. 

Durkeesox's fiber fabric air duct can be disassembled by opening the zipper, can be folded up for storage and transportation, and can be repeatedly disassembled and used.

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