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  • Q What is the expected system's service life of a DurkeeSox system?
  • Q Nanosox system of Durkeesox is more expensive or cheaper than traditional GI duct? What’s the cost per square meter?
  • Q When the DurkeeSox fabric duct washed, have any effect on its performance?
  • Q Does a DurkeeSox system meet the fire safety regulation in different countries and regions in global market?
  • Q DurkeeSox system looks nice when inflated, how does it look when it's not inflated?
  • Q It seems that a DurkeeSox system has a good performance in a cooling or refrigeration application.What about in a heating application? Can the heated air could be thrown down to the occupied zone?
  • Q What is the DurkeeSox air duct product cleaning and maintenance period requirement?
  • Q How much is the friction factor of a DurkeeSox system? Does DurkeeSox have a large system resistance? Are there any additional requirements on air volume or air pressure of AHU?
  • Q Will a DurkeeSox system generate noise? What is the noise absorption effect ?
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