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Transportation Hub & Exhibition Center

Durkeesox is widely applied at waiting hall, commercial space, and office and device space of hub as well as exhibition hall. So far, Durkeesox has numerous famous users, such as, Mo CFM Show Room in US, BC exhibition in India and Shanghai World Expo, as well as  Northern bus station in Hangzhou, China.


DurkeeSox air duct system has many advantages that the traditional air duct system does not own, such as high-grade and aesthetic, comfortable air dispersion, convenient and fast installation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s the development trend of traffic hub and exhibition industry.

OCEC-Oman Convention and Exhibition Center +
The Characteristics and Advantages of Cloth Ductwork
SituationOpened in October 2016,Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC)was constructed in Muscat,Oman, to host international, regional and national conventions, exhibitions and business events.Architec...
Shanghai World EXPO +
The Characteristics and Advantages of Cloth Ductwork
SituationShanghai World EXPO is a grand meeting which will attract worldwide attention. As the first launched project, the Foreign Country Joint Pavilion would become a facilities construction standar...
Hangzhou Bus Station +
The Characteristics and Advantages of Cloth Ductwork
The bus station used DurkeeSox® air dispersion system and 3 DurkeeSox® duct were installed along the length of bus station hall at the height of 7 m, the uniform airflow blew to the hall efficiently...
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