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  • Overview of Fabric Air Ducts and Their Operation Modes Overview of Fabric Air Ducts and Their Operation Modes
    Ⅰ. Overview of fabric air duct productsFabric air duct system is the use of fiber fabric as air conditioning ventilation cooling air supply system, with the advantages of environmental protection, en...
  • Fiber Cloth Duct Design Guide Fiber Cloth Duct Design Guide
    Fabric cloth air ducts can be designed to achieve air delivery effects that traditional air delivery systems cannot achieve through the microscopic holes that open on the surface of the duct wall. The...
  • The Air Supply Mode of the Cloth Air Duct The Air Supply Mode of the Cloth Air Duct
    Cloth air ducts have many advantages over traditional air supply modes, such as uniform air supply, anti-condensation, and easy installation no matter how complex the structural space is.As an emergin...

Company Profile

Durkee® is a multi-national high-tech enterprise with a focus on offering solutions of high quality elastomeric thermal insulation, customized fabric air ducting and A/C system integration in the HVAC/R industry over the past 25 years. As a global technical-based manufacturing and solution service-oriented organization, Durkee has established 3 professional core business divisions (Durkeesox®, DurkflexTM, and Durkhvac®) and 4 renowned brands (Durkeesox®, DurkflexTM, DurkductTM, and Durkhvac® ) with 2 modern manufacturing centers (Wuhan, Guangzhou China), 3 sales and service centers (China, Asia, and America), 20 branch offices and hundreds of distributors around the world, serving thousands of clients from different industries in more than 36 countries worldwide.

Durkeesox, invested by US-registered Durkee International, is a global high-tech enterprise with a focus on HVAC/R industry. As a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Durkeesox has established 2 manufacturing factories (China and America) and 3 sales and service centers (China, Asia, and America). In the past decade, Durkeesox has become the fastest-growing company, largest fabric air dispersion system supplier in the industry and the leading brand in the Asian market.

As an advocate of precise low carbon air distribution conception for years, armed with leading core technology, the most top material, and the largest modernized world-class manufacturing base. Durkeesox has been devoted to producing the highest quality fabric air dispersion system products. It has been certified by national and regional standard quality certificates, such as international QA system ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHS18001, North American UL AJIJ, and Ac 167 product certification, European EN testing, BS testing, and China NFTC testing.

We are spiral ductwork suppliers and fabric ductwork manufacturers.

Each innovation, every time of our service and every brilliant solution have honored our commitment to all clients, Durkee has become the fastest-growing company in A/C fabric ducting and thermal insulation industry over the past decade. Durkee will lead the industry toward a promising future with greater green benefits and more intensive and sustainable development.

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