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Fabric Air Dispersion System for Zeny Supply Chain Cold Storage

Based on the nationwide layout of supply chain, Zeny integrates data flows of business, logistics, capitals and information by incorporating mobile internet technologies, financial service tools and risk-control methods to provide a low-budget supply chain financial service for frozen-food distributors, and become the supply depot for food practitioners.

Through business model upgrades and integration of various effective resources, Zeny has completed the cold chain network integrating cold chain markets with port service platform over the country, it has been widely involved in cold storage, warehousing, processing, logistics and financial services.

Baishazhou Market is the largest wholesale market for agricultural products (frozen goods) in the central China of the Zeny Supply Chain. It provides fresh meat, frozen food, and aquatic seafood to all Wuhan residents. DurkeeSox air dispersion system was selected to serve as air supply system for freezing and refrigeration warehouse in the market .

Baishazhou cold storage has a total of five storeys, the height of first floor is 9m and other floors are 5.4m.

modular air duct

This cold storage is mainly used to store packaged meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables for a long period of time. It allows a certain degree of gentle draft. Taking this feature into consideration, DurkeeSox designed and adopted a small semi-circular air duct, the cold storage length is 55m, Durkeesox system is projected at 35m, which is slightly shorter than warehouse length, fabric nozzle is tailor made at the end of each duct to fulfill the air supply requirement in the rear area.

This kind of proposal can save more space for storage and reduce input costs on the basis of satisfying normal use.

textile air duct

In order to control the air velocity at the fan outlet, avoid the turbulance and noise caused by small duct size with high air velocity and the shorter service lifetime caused by abrasion in the connection part, Durkeesox fabric plenum was introduced to forestall the possible risks.

In order to prevent air duct from icing, through accurate calculation and simulation verification, We use large permeability N80 fiber material, achieving 50% of the air volume from fabric permeation, the customer’s demand for air supply in the air conditioning coverage area can be perfectly fulfilled. The surrounding protective cooling air layer is formed on the surface of the air duct, which greatly mitigates the risk of condensation and icing.

cloth ductwork

The temperature requirement of the cold storage is -18°C. According to the air volume , we select semi-circular fabric air duct with diameter at 2000mm. The tiny orifices throw conditioned air at 3 and 9 o’clock directions.

After a decade of promotion and application in the cold chain logistics industry, Durkeesox textile air ducts have been widely recognized by owners and designers.  Almost all industrial benchmark enterprises are using durkeesox fabric air duct system, such as Shuanghui Group, CP Group, Zoneco Group, Bicon Group, China Merchants Logistics, BBK, and other brands.

At present, Durkeesox fabric air dispersion system is sweeping the entire cold-chain logistics industry and speeding up the upgrade of the air duct products in the cold-chain logistics industry.

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