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The Energy Saving Advantage of Air Supply of Fabric Air Duct

With the development of the social economy, the energy demand of all works of life is more vigorous, among which the HVAC industry has become the most power-consuming industry. According to the statistics of relevant data, the energy consumption of buildings in China has accounted for 40% of the total energy consumption in China, among which the air conditioning equipment of buildings accounts for about 30% of the energy consumption. In this way, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of the air conditioning system and carry out the technical transformation, so that the air conditioning and refrigeration system can achieve better energy saving and consumption reduction.

In the field of HVAC that we know, we can think of measures that can save energy and reduce consumption. We have been doing it all the time. Today, let's take a look at the end of the air conditioning system and the air conditioning and ventilation duct system that sends the air to the designated area. As we all know, because of the technical reasons, the air conditioning, HVAC, and refrigeration industry used the traditional iron sheet duct for air diffuser. First of all, this kind of air duct is neither energy-saving nor environmental protection in the process of design and manufacturing, and it is not only not energy-saving and environmental protection in use, but also brings more trouble and burden. It is a problem in energy-saving, cleaning, and other aspects. With the appearance of fabric ventilation, all the problems of traditional air duct can be solved, energy-saving and environmental protection, cleaning is convenient, and now more and more engineering projects beginning to use, many of the iron sheet air duct projects have been transformed to use the Meishi fabric air duct due to various problems.

In the application process of technological innovation, we should pay attention to the energy consumption of all accessories of the whole HVAC fabric duct system according to the actual situation. We pay attention to every detail of the ventilation system so that the newly developed products can really have practical significance for the refrigeration engineering of air conditioning.

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