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Fabric Duct for Water Club Ventilation

After a 9 months reconstruction, the new Water Cube reopened to the public on Aug. 8th, two years from the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, and the operation area increased from 490,000m2 to 770,000m2, the former competition field becoming a magic undersea world.

The indoor theme water park in the Water Cube-The Water Cube Leisure Park is a highlight of the reconstruction project. Leisure Park is the largest indoor water park as well as one of the most advantage indoor water parks. The water park occupies an area of approximately 120,000m2 and equipped 13 sets of large recreational facilities, several of these facilities were first introduced. The water park used smart temperature control system and open to the public all year, DurkeeSox® duct were used in the air conditioning dispersion system.DurkeeSox® air dispersion system left a deep impression to the Water Cube designer with successful application in the 2008 Olympic dining room and 21 reception centers. In the reconstruction project, the designer called higher requirements for aesthetic, anti-corrosion, condensation free as well as durability. With uniform airflow, lightweight, anti-corrosion performance, condensation-free, super durability and beautiful appearance, DurkeeSox® air dispersion system was the first choice to the project. 

In air dispersion aspect, the “large space” which can accommodate 5,000 guests, has different requirements for temperature and humidity in different areas, this brought a tough problem to the designing work. DurkeeSox® Technology Center actively cooperated with the designers of the Water Cube to ensure air dispersion and air return rationality, as well as temperature field and wind field, can meet the requirement, and utilized the CFD software simulation of the air dispersion performance. According to current design air conditioning dispersion volume and air distribution form to a simulation of the temperature field, humidity field, and wind field under the Leisure Park room temperature. After repeated simulation, optimization, and verification, the designer decided to choose the best air dispersion solution.

Half-round DurkeeSox® fabric duct with 2160mm in diameter was used in the project according to the total air dispersion volume of the park is 250,000 m3/h (two sets 125,000m3/h air handling unit ). The DurkeeSox® duct were installed along all the walls at a height of 5.4m in the center area of the water park and connected with the air plenums which located in northwest corner and southeast corner as well as outlets which located in north and southwest wall. The whole air dispersion system were divided into four separately subsystem because the recreation facilities hampered the layout. There are different recreation facilities located in the air dispersion area, it would affect air distribution and airflow range. In this case, we cut orifices in a different section to meet different requirements and cut different size orifices for different airflow range requirements. By means of multi-row orifices (with different size orifices), it can meet the different airflow range requirements in the same area and we equipped nozzles on orifices to meet ultra long-range(20 m) air dispersion requirement.

The DurkeeSox® air dispersion system can ensure all indoor environment parameters meet the design requirements, it is not only supplied comfortable space to the people in the park but also coordinates with the air conditioning device to achieve the maximum energy-saving effect.

In the durability aspect, The high temperature, high humidity, high chlorine air condition in the Water Cube swimming pool will strongly corrode the air duct, but the DurkeeSox® duct have perfect chlorine corrosion protection performance and this character will keep the DurkeeSox® duct free from chemical substance in the park. Meanwhile, the DurkeeSox® duct was made of heavy permeation fabric and cooling air can permeation through the special duct and form a cooling air layer, this cooling air layer can protect the duct from condensation and no heat preservation needed.

In the aesthetic aspect, in order to match the color of the Water Cube itself, DurkeeSox® supplied a customized PANTONE 298C color(lake blue) according to the designers’ request so as to match the surrounding decoration and achieve an aesthetic effect.

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