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Introduction of Tesla Motors

Located in siliconvalley California USA, Tesla Motors Inc. was established in 2003, specializing in design, manufacture,sales of electric cars, electric vehicle power train components and battery products.The new Tesla Giga Factory is located at Spark Nevada USA, it is projected for largescale battery production.

Project Introduction

Given the rich experience of DurkeeSox application in automobile and other industrial buildings, the contractor entrusted DurkeeSox to provide comprehensive technical solution. Moreover, DurkeeSox stood out against other suppliers after DurkeeSox demonstrated the superior third generation while other candidates are still struggling at the second generation. In addition to that, DurkeeSox proposed several improvement plan to address the Owner's concerns. For example, the introduction of IRR(Internal retention ring) system to Tesla not only improved the visual appearance but also avoided the deflation at variable occupancy of VAV system. It seems mission impossible to install air ductwork in some area with massive existing pipeline and equipment under the roof, Durkeesox customized beveled endcap plus circulation fanapproach successfully throw air into the targeted area with precise terminal air velocity. Two weeks leading time is a must to meet the tight schedule of this project. All above superiorities help DurkeeSox win the trust and approval from Tesla.

Tesla is another landmark project that every member of DurkeeSox could take pride in. Hats off to North American Team.

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