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On April 11, the 2018 Durkee Annual Asian Distributor Conference, themed "New Durkee, New Dream", was successfully held in the new Durkee industry park. Durkee invited around 30 distributors from more than 15 countries to attend such a grand 3-day activity to review major achievements over the past year and sketch the new landscape for the business development of A/C Ducting and the elastomeric thermal pre-insulated air duct product series in HVAC industry.

Durkee Annual Asian Distributor Conference.jpg

On behalf of Durkee Group, director of Durkee Group international department, Ms. Melly Wang first extended our sincere appreciation and warmest welcome to all representatives for their presence. She delivered a key-note speech entitled New Durkee New Dream and noted that the year of 2018 will be a turning point, joining hands and growing together with oversea distributors is the only way for Durkee to realize its dream and make itself a hidden champion in the global HVAC/R field.


Subsequently, the regional sales manager of Southeast Asia market, Jeff Liu shared valuable experience about how to apply Durkee engineering solution product series in Great Logistics Industry, sparking the strong interests of all present guests.


Regional sales manager of Middle East market, Kingtell Ma, elaborated several classic office application cases such as USA TESLA GIGA, American Airlines Trinity Campus and USA Apple Park etc., which helped all distributors open up new dimensions for their business growth.

office application cases.jpg

During the conference, Ms. Melly and the marketing supervisor of Durkee Group international department, Mr. David Lu, guided all guests a tour around the magnificent and enchanting Durkee new industry park. They vividly introduced the development course of Durkee group and the unique and incomparable core competitive edges that Durkee has accumulated over the past 20 years. After visiting the office building, manufacturing duct factory and recreation area, all guests was deeply impressed by neat and orderly layout, comfortable living environment, scientific and standardized management, sustained innovation and advanced manufacturing capacity.

In the afternoon, manager of Durkee Group international department, Ms. Vera Guo had an interactive discussion about the business development with the guests. Durkee's rich product portfolio and competitive product features boosted overseas distributors' confidence in achieving mutually beneficial cooperation with Durkee.


In the second half of the conference, Durkee held the distributor authorization and awarding ceremony to praise the outstanding distributors in acknowledgement of their contributions over the past year and motivate all our business partners.

business partners.jpg

The success of the conference will open a new course for the cooperation between Durkee and its overseas distributors. With an attitude of integrity, opening and cooperation, Durkee will continue to work with its overseas partners to build an internationally competitive brand, and provide high quality products and services to the global clients, so as to achieve mutual benefits

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